Peace Summits

Get yourself new peacebuilding tools, and inspire others to start the change from themselves

Our Peace Summit is a large gathering of like-minded individuals who are in search for the meaning of true peace that starts from within. There has been a mainstream idea that peacebuilding can just rely on diplomatic or politics fears. However, we propose one disruptive and eye-opening idea on how working on your own inner peace is also a way of peacebuilding!
WPI have hosted a series of summits which took place in four different regions of the world. Each of the summit is a combination between a meditation retreat, conference and a festival of peace. It became a rare opportunity for people to listen to success stories from top speakers in each region and learn from the workshops to find new perspectives and insights.

The four summits provided a space for networking for young visionaries from around the world in order to raise mindfulness practices to the top of the world's agenda as peacebuilding tools and inspire others to start the change from within themselves.

Global Summit Partners

European Commission
Council of Europe
European Students’ Forum (AEGEE)
The Peace and Collaborative Development Network
WHY Bolivia
Culture of Peace
Change Mind Change Future
Culture of Peace
Global Youth Peace Fest
International Cities of Peace
Odyssey Network
The Arc
North-South Centre
Global Leadership
WANEP Nigeria
Y2Y Initiative
Afrika Youth Movement
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