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Take a look at our comprehensive and rich online meditation programs used by more than 25,000 people worldwide. Free coaching available!

What is a Self-Development Program?

Self-Development program is a life-changing experience for those who believe that a better ME is possible. Whether you have any problems with health, relationship, work, or wealth, let meditation and habit development amaze you!

How does it work?

Our self-development programs have been carefully constructed incorporating these elements.

Guided meditation videos

Daily video provided for you to watch and follow the instruction on meditation step by step

Daily Reflection

A feature to keep track of your own self-development

Acts of self-discipline

Different lessons on how to cut bad habits with little daily effort

Meditation Journal

A space to record your own meditation experience where you can consult your personal Peace Coach who will mentor you along your self-development journey

Peace Coach

Every person who starts our program will have a companion in their journey: a Peace Coach. Our Peace Coaches are experienced meditators who on daily basis and voluntarily will offer their time, energy, support and knowledge to those who are doing our program

Special Ops

Get ready to embark on an incredible journey towards Inner Peace with Peace Revolution's Special Ops online. Engage in a guided meditation session led by a Peace Architect, a professional meditation guide, who will expertly navigate you through the realms of tranquility. This transformative experience includes a Q&A session and it's completely free! Don't miss out on this opportunity to ignite your inner calm and personal growth.

Available Self-Development Programs

Stress Management Program

*For tailored-made training for companies, please contact

You can reduce stress and prevent burnout as well as to transform anxiety and anger into resilience if you allow meditation and mindfulness be a part of your life. 7-day Free Trial is available today!

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