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6-month International Volunteer Program

The World Peace Initiative Foundation (WPI) is looking for talented, motivated, and creative people who are interested in meditation, passionate about habit development, and willing to explore new cultures to join our crew members to bring about positive changes to the world.

We welcome anyone who are professional in this field to apply until May 30, 2023. Please send your resume (CV and portfolio) to Zio at (zio@wpifoundation.org), start 42-day Peace Revolution Online Program, and you would be one of the 6 volunteers this year!

Volunteer Position

  • Event Manager
  • Digital Marketing Manager
  • Writer/ Blogger
  • Programmer/ Web Developer/ Web Designer

What we offer

  • A round-trip ticket from your home country to Thailand

  • Visa extension & Work permit fee (if necessary)
  • Free accommodation (a shared bedroom & bathroom in dormitory style)
  • Pick up and drop off from the airport
  • Stipend of 8000 Baht per month (230 USD equivalent)

Note: You have to take care of your passport and visa fee. We can issue a letter of invitation for visa application only when you pass an interview.


  1. Finish 42-day Self-development program
  2. Pass the online interview (An Interview will be conducted once you reach at least Day 14 of self-development program.)
  3. Qualification fits into the volunteer position.

Working Culture and Condition

  • Practice Meditation 30-60 minutes and Mindfulness daily

  • Keep   5 acts of self-discipline   during the whole 6 months
  • Apply Habit Development in work and life (No night life or party)
  • Polite attires
  • Work Hard & Work Smart


“I'm really grateful to the whole experience! Especially with the fact that I was given several tasks and opportunities for further development! Even when my approach would be completely different from the one the organization was used to in some activities, culture-wise, I felt trusted and listened! I felt valued not only by my professional skills but by my personal too and there were always ways of improvement and learning in both and challenges up to the skills I could offer and even the ones I couldn't see or appreciate but WPI did see and appreciated!”

Maria Alejandra Rodriguez, Colombia

"Working environment, amazing people around, international team, many projects going on where I could take part and challenge myself, improving my meditation, people around taking really excellent care of me as a volunteer, possibility to travel around the country and go deeper into Thai culture. "

Martina Trginova, Slovakia

Submitted on 21 Jul 2023 09:09