New waves of changes

What would you do when you learn a tool that guides you to discover who you truly are? Peace Agents are Peace Rebels who have undergone intensive 14-day training in Thailand and now possess the knowledge of what peace really is, why we need it, and how to obtain it.

They are ready to be the ambassadors of peace, being the example and champion of peace in their communities.Their tasks are to cultivate peace within themselves and share it to others under the Peace-In Peace-Out (PIPO) process through Online Meditation and PIPO-on-demand. Some Peace Agents are chosen to represent the Peace Revolution project as country coordinators and regional coordinators.

International Experience
Global Peace on the Move
Yoga Practice
Global Peace on the Move
Loving Kindness Meditation
Global Peace on the Move
Spiritual Dialogue
Global Peace on the Move
Global Peace on the Move
Meditation with nature
BRIDGE Fellowship
Peace and happiness
Central and Western Africa Fellowship
Daily Mindfulness
CAC Fellowship
Team Building
SEE Fellowship
Lakeside Meditation
AMANDLA Fellowship
Organizational Networking
AMANDLA Fellowship
Woman Empowerment
Heya Fellowship
Art Creation
Artistic Meditation Retreat
Inner Peace in the midst of nature
European Fellowship
Peace Position
Global Peace on the Move
Group Dynamics
Global Peace on the Move

Our Past Trainings

WPI visualiza un cambio global sustentable en cuanto todos y cada uno de nosotros trabaje en su desarrollo personal. Para eso, hemos creado herramientas libres y accesibles para el empoderamiento y beneficio de todos los individuos, independientemente de edad, religión y cultura.

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