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What People Say

This is what participants from the Europe Online Meditation Retreat in September 2020 said:

"This retreat was really great. I loved the loving kindness morning meditations - I liked that we needed to pass on the peaceful energy to people we like, we do not know, and we do not like. I also liked how we were integrating the mindfulness exercises. I was receiving many insights so I wrote them down afterwards as they were really good ones!"

"This retreat was fantastic. I learned so much and had a lot of new insights. The workshops with the Monk were very deep. I also really liked the different techniques introduced by the other trainers."

"OMG. I loved the meditations, the yoga. I really loved the sharings after certain exercises and how we were all encouraged to speak up and how such beautiful exchange was facilitated. A truly wonderful moment, I could resonate a lot with what people said, about what they are grateful for, what they have learned/improved, etc. I felt really connected to the people! "

"I learned that when I want to make my body strong, I should move. And when I want to make my mind strong, I need to stop. All the techniques taught during the retreat were so useful for me, thank you! :-) "

WPI envisage cette paix durable lorsque chaque individu travaillera à atteindre le développement personnel en soi. Ainsi nous avons rendu disponible un outil libre et accessible pour le renforcement et le bien être de chaque individu dans le monde sans distinction d'âge, de race, de religion et de contexte culturel.

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