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WPI Newsletters: April 2016

World Peace Initiative 

 Peace In + Peace Out = Sustainable World Peace."

Welcome to World Peace Initiative Foundation

World Peace Initiative Foundation (WPI) invites you to explore peace through the age old tradition of meditation. We have broken down the practice into simple elements practicable for anyone, anywhere regardless of race, religion or social status! Read more about us and our activities across the world below!

On March 3-7 WPI Foundation held the first of a kind camp for university students from Asia Pacific University, Beppu, Japan. As the result of this Empowerment camp, the students founded a PIPO club in their university that will hold weekly meditations and other activities.

February 23-28 Peace Revolution organized a #meditationweek challenge on Facebook and Instagram, every day we talked about one aspect of meditation and asked the participants to share their perspective. Now we would like to share the best posts by the participants of the #meditationweek.

Fellowship Opportunities

Global Peace on the Move #19 in Thailand!

We have opened applications for the next GPM 19 in Thailand happening this August from 11th to 24th. Remember that the eligibility criteria is still the same as for the rest of the International Fellowships in Thailand. Read more here to find out how you can participate.

Global Peace on the Move #18 in Thailand

We have closed applications for this fellowship on February 28th. BUT if you managed to apply before that deadline remember that you have until April 11th to fulfil all the necessary requirements. We will most likely start with the interviews the day after the eligibility deadline, that is April 12th. So keep on meditating and be ready for your Skype interview coming soon!

The African Youth Amani Fellowship II

Once again, nationals from Africa get the opportunity to attend a 2 weeks retreat in a far-away island in Thailand. Catch up with participants from the previous retreat in this video:

Mark the dates and make sure you fulfil all the eligibility requirements by 30th April 2016! Click here to access the eligibility requirements.

 Guidelines to Apply for Fellowship

You probably have all the requirements and believe that you are the right person to attend the fellowship. Not so fast dear friend! Belief is one thing, but knowing what to do and where to do it is important too! Our fellowship managers, who especially run the applications and the shortlisting process, have some advice for you!  Click here  to hear from the top guys themselves!

 Special Feature: Meet our Peace Coaches

The journey to find inner peace is never done alone. Across the globe, Peace Revolution nurtures and trains Peace Coaches who have immense openness to guide and share with new participants - Peace Rebels - the path to inner peace. As a sign of gratitude, Peace Revolution sponsors these coaches to attend fellowships as a mentor around the world. We have approached some of the coaches, who recently qualified for this dream trip and here is what they had to say:

"It is a wonderful feeling to be able to guide Peace Rebels from all over the world while they discover meditation and its life-changing benefits. It is a virtuous cycle: coaching brings peace to new meditators, putting their experience and insights into perspective; engaging with them sheds light into my own meditation experience. A beautiful example of a constructive human interaction, sharing peace, sharing loving kindness with all. Dare to try!"" {Vera Quina}

"I feel grateful to have become a Peace Coach and have the opportunity to help others learn about meditation. It's been a wonder to see how meditation starts to change the life of Peace Rebels; their daily transformation also helps and motivates me to keep growing and to believe that World Peace is possible."" {Tania Palma}

"For me, my Peace Rebels are like Soap Bubbles. I enjoy helping them to develop and grow. And when they are ready, I let them go to fly to the World with a beautiful Smile on their faces and with pure souls."" {Marija Sotirov aka Mary}

 Want to create a community of peace in your neighbourhood?

Peace Revolution Perú

A time to escape from the chaos and find Inner Peace Time. Every Wednesday Peace Revolution Perú Volunteers organize an Online Meditation. It is a nice opportunity to relax in a place called Hana Salud y Bienestar. You are welcome to join us if you are around Lima. Meditation and Kaleidoscope Yoga, a great combination to empower a community. Saturdays are a perfect day to build a meditation activity together with Kaleidoscope Yoga, a type of yoga with groups. Both of them deepen your relaxation, improve your communication skills and are an activity that help you develop empathy. Check out more about our activities with Peace Revolution Perú  Community on Facebook.


Upcoming Trainings

There is no training available at the moment. You can subscribe to our social network and get notified when we launch new opportunities.

Upcoming Events

WPI envisions sustainable change happening when each and every one of us works towards their own self-development. Thus, we have created free and accessible tools for the empowerment and wellbeing of individuals worldwide, regardless of age, race, religion, cultural background.

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