Meditation and Mindfulness Retreats

Meditation and Mindfulness Retreats are a custom crafted life changing experience in a beautiful location with the aim of offering participants some time off to focus on themselves through the practice of meditation.

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These retreats are guided by  meditation Teaching Monks as well as by certified meditation and mindfulness trainers and coaches with years of experience who will follow up on participants’ progress at the retreat and beyond. They offer meditation practice three times per day and different techniques are presented in a step by step flow to experience the benefits of meditation practice to the fullest.

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What is the goal of the retreats?

Our goal is to help you enrich your life.

With the personal Inner Peace Time practice, you will learn to cultivate and appreciate the beauty of inner peace through the practice of meditation.

These retreats do not only include personal meditation practice, but also time for group activities and interaction with others. This will help develop balance in different areas of life during the event and bring the retreat back home.

What is it the program about?

We also offer optional workshops on time management, creativity, self-development, self-empowerment, the purpose of life and other topics of your interest, apart from other complementary physical activities like morning yoga practice for stretching and waking up your body, traditional Thai stretching, and other pleasant activities for the body and the mind that can be designed exclusively for you.

Meditation and Mindfulness retreat helps take some time off to focus on yourself, and participants can bring this practice into your everyday life. Benefits of meditation are wide scale from helping with stress, improving relationships and self awareness to healing, preventing physical diseases and finding clarity in life.

We know how to teach meditation and we are here to offer you the value of meditation experience and guide you through this journey to your inner self. Do not miss this relaxing get-away.

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