The Beginner Course for Mindfulness and Meditation Trainer Program (or BCMMT) is not just a teacher certification program but we intentionally set a high standard of cultivating the true essence of meditation, mindfulness, and habit transformation which have long lasting impacts to your lives. WPI articulately designed the training as a combination of online, LIVE, and onsite training to make a perfect ingredient in upbringing professional trainers. We strongly believe that the path towards a better self is a lifelong process; hence, we delicately craft the program to be insightful, inspiring, and interesting to keep you awake during the whole process.

Lead Yourself to Guide Others

Certified Mindfulness & Meditation Trainers Program

6-month Cutting-edge
Online & Onsite Training

Call for application: 25 Jan - 31 Mar 2023

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We are now living in a glimpse of turbulence in different parts of the world. Not only physical health like pandemics that we are facing but also mental health issues becoming apparent to ourselves and people around us. Stress and Burnout, Depression and Anxiety, Worry and Fear, Insomnia and more. Together with competition that forces us to develop new skill sets to survive in today’s global disruption. From critical thinking to creativity, to effective communication, to problem-solving skills, to adaptability, to emotional intelligence, to time management, to empathy and more. How to deal with such overwhelming situations?

Let’s use the tree analogy.

To have a green and growing tree, a strong root is needed to stand against heavy rain and storm. Same to our lives, to overcome challenges and difficulties we need a healthy and strong mind.

A tree without fertilizer is like a mind without meditation.

You can live without it, but with it, life will be easier and happier. It is your choice to incorporate this element into your life ingredient. Also, to have a robust trunk, good habits are needed to cultivate. At the same time, breaking bad habits is necessary to start the new chapter of life and not go into the same vicious cycle. A balanced lifestyle, not too strict or not too loose, is the answer so that a tree can have beautiful branches compared to the four facets of life; physical, mental, social, and financial, where you have a strong body and mind with good relationships and success. Such a dreamy life, right? Yes and it is possible if you know the roadmap! This training can give you tips and how-to to make life more delicious in its own way.

What makes this program special?

center of the body

WPI uses one of the simplest yet applicable meditation techniques, Center of the Body, which is universally accepted for more than 2,500 years. This ancient yet timeless method has been proved by millions of people around the world.

buddhist wisdom

WPI provides Buddhist wisdom in collaboration with highly experienced Theravada monks (who have the direct lineage from the Great Masters) for a profound learning process and authentic practice regardless of religion or beliefs.

15 years experience

WPI remains a leader and pioneer in its unique methodology for habit transformation and life-changing experience for 15 years especially when it turns beginners into well grounded trainers in over 100 countries worldwide.

full sponsorship

WPI provides full sponsorship* after one year completion as a trainer with all necessary requirements worth upto 4,000 USD.

If you would like to master meditation, teach it!

Key Dates

  • Call for application:  January 25 - March 31, 2023.

  • Early Bird deadline:  March 10, 2023
  • Online program:  April (or earlier) - September, 2023
  • LIVE sessions:  July & September
  • (12:00 GMT/ UTC II 13:00 CET II 7:00 EST II 19:00 Thailand time)

  • Onsite training:  August 9-22, 2023
  • Arrival:  August 8
  • Departure:  August 22

Note: Departure time by plane to the training site: August 9, 8:00 AM Thailand time

There is a Special trip (FAQs) on August 23 with an extra cost, please check a program before making a decision. To change your mind in Thailand will incur higher costs.

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An awakening journey to unveil the secret of life
is waiting to be discovered.

Why is this program for you?

WPI provides an eye-opening journey with hands-on experience from top-notch teachings, to inspiring case studies, to mindful workshops, to practical assignments and beyond, to profoundly transform you from within .

WPI provides not a trial but an intensive incubator program to nurture the limited number of 25 self-mastery trainers in each course. (first come, first served)

We provide personalized coaching and multifaceted assessment to unlock your potential for personal growth and professional development in an intimate environment.

"We believe self-discipline, respect, patience, humility, and empathy are the basic foundation for personal growth of an individual who strives for success."

Ping Ping
Co-founder & CEO

Program Schedule & Prerequisites

Please read the information thoroughly before submitting your application form. If you can commit to the whole process and are confident to become a trainer, you're the right one for this program.

Online Program

1. After submitting your application, please start with the 42-Day online Self-Development Program rightaway. After your application is screened, you will be invited for an Online Interview within 5 days time. Please do not write to us to ask about the appointment because it is based on the WPI Committee's decision. If you are in the same tribe, don't worry, you will be in.


2. Once you are on Day 21 and if we think you are ready to continue on the path, you will be invited for a pre-course assessment. You will be given the material for self-study before the assessment.

Tuition Fee

3. This assessment will consist of an introduction of your personal story, your guided meditation, and Q&A from master trainers. If you pass the assessment, please pay for the tuition fee based on your application day. If you apply by the early bird deadline, you pay the early bird rate. If not, the standard fee is applied. There is no refund from this point onward.


If you pass the assessment and decide not to continue, you will still need to pay the fee of 150 USD for all these preparations tailor-made for you. Think twice before taking the assessment.

Finish 42-DAY

4. After payment, please finish the rest of the 42 days program as soon as possible or no later than June 30, 2023 .

Buy Ticket

5. You can buy the ticket after you pay the tuition fee. Please send your itinerary to our Training Manager before purchase to check the arrival and departure dates.


6. Self-study on recorded sessions and submit assignments using EnlightenME App (free download) to prepare for the upcoming onsite training

Online Sessions

7. Attend 4 weekly LIVE and recording sessions with practices and assignments

14-Day in Thailand

8. Attend 14-day onsite training in Thailand and pass the final assessment (same format as the pre-course assessment).

The program includes

  • Four guided meditation daily by Buddhist Monks
  • Teach and talk by Master Trainers
  • Google with Monks (interactive group session)
  • Meditation Clinic (private mentoring session)
  • Individual & Group activities for daily mindful practice
  • New routine related to Biological Clock with habit challenge to learn good habits and unlearn bad habits
  • Self-reflection exercise
  • Final Assessment
  • Daily Schedule
5:00 Wake Up
5:30-6:30 Metta Meditation
6:30-7:15 Yoga & Stretching Exercise
7:30-8:30 Silent Breakfast
9:30-11:00 Awakening Meditation
11:00-11:30 Peace In Action
11:30-12:30 Silent Lunch
14:00-16:00 Enlightening Teachings and Lessons
16:00-17:30 Special Activities (or Self-reflection Time)
19:00- 21:00 Wind Down Meditation
21:30 Bedtime

3-Week Live

9. Attend 3-week LIVE and recording sessions after the training

*Note: You can request for a 1-on-1 video call with the master trainers if you need any support.

Change yourself in 6 months to become a new you.


The tuition fee includes

One month LIVE and recordings sessions with the master trainers before the onsite training.
14-day accommodation and food during the onsite training in Thailand.
Local plane ticket to and from the training site in Thailand
3-week LIVE and recordings sessions with the master trainers and mentors after the onsite training
One year online empowerment program from the master trainers (optional)
Personalized coaching and professional mentorship with peer supportive group
Lifetime free access to all materials, presentations, paperworks, and class video recordings

The tuition fee does not include

Pickup and dropoff from the airport
One day trip to Bangkok and Nonthaburi province to visit the Great Master Memorials (includes a boat trip, breakfast and lunch). For more information about the trip, please check in FAQs.

Early Bird rate: 790 USD (until March 10)

Standard rate: 990 USD (until March 31)


Once you invest in yourself then we invest in your self-development! After completion of the training, you will get one year certification to teach. We require comprehensive reports in order to give feedback for improving your performance and continuously support you to overcome any obstacles they may face inside or outside the class. Performing post-training requirements that meet the criteria, the reward program will be given to you either partial or full sponsorship (FAQ). This sponsorship is for the Retraining program that will extend the certification for another year. (You can check for more details the renewal procedure (FAQ)) We do not make profit out of this training; hence, donation is highly appreciated to keep the lineage unique and prosperous.

It is taught by highly experienced Buddhist monks in a non-religious way with powerful takeaway life lessons.

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  • How to practice meditation correctly
  • How to be mindful (How to be at the center)
  • How to teach meditation professionally
  • How to write a meditation script (Dos and Don’ts)
  • How to use the right voice when guide
  • How to answer different questions on meditation
  • How to use the right voice when guide
  • How to answer different questions on meditation
  • How to set up the perfect environment for meditation
  • How to keep your body and mind healthy
  • How to apply meditation and mindfulness in your daily life
  • How to discipline yourself in four routines
  • How to live a happy and harmonious life (The Noble Eightfold Path)
  • History, traditions, techniques of meditation
  • Ethics & conduct for a meditation teacher
  • Meditation 101
  • Meditation Hindrances
  • Scientific benefits of meditation
  • Nature of the Mind
  • Seven bases of the mind
  • The Art of Letting Go
  • Power of Habits
  • Law of Cause and Effect (Kamma)
  • Stress & Burnout
  • Depression & Anxiety
  • Insomnia
  • Self-love, Self-worth, Self-care
  • 5 Universal Values
  • 5 Rooms in Life


Himmawan Sanctuary is a gem hidden in the mountains of Loei province, Thailand. The environment is ideal for taking the journey inwards and exploring the self while contemplating the natural soothing beauty of the landscape.




Yoga Practice

Yoga Practice

Personal Coaching

Personal Coaching

Getting Wisdom

Getting Wisdom

Alms Giving

Alms Giving

Food Offering

Food Offering

Google With Monk

Google With Monk

Bubble Blowing

Bubble Blowing

PIPO Night

PIPO Night

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Frequently Asked Questions

Before submitting the application form, we highly recommend you to read FAQs. Please kindly read through all information and FAQs. If you have any other questions, contact us.

1Why do you offer 1 year certification instead of lifetime certification?
Because as a trainer, to have an intensive meditation retreat is necessary to deepen your knowledge, practice, and understanding as well as to be among trainers who have the same level of self-development will support in your spiritual growth. However, we provide an option of extending the certification online for not more than 2 times/ years in a row but on a case-by-case basis.
2What is the post-training requirement (or PTR)?
It comprises of two parts; one is for your personal growth and the other is for your professional development as a trainer. For personal growth, we highly recommend you to meditate at least 2 hours per day, with each session of one hour or more, in order to be ready to teach at any time, and submit the meditation journal as a self-reflection exercise that should be done regularly to improve meditation experience. Furthermore, to keep 5 acts of self-discipline is necessary as ethics and codes of conduct WPI highly values. The ones who violate the 5 acts means they break the agreement made with WPI as well. For professional development, a trainer should teach so that they gain teaching experiences and skills. Once conducts any teachings, an online report is needed to accumulate the PTR to get the sponsorship for the retraining. If PTR scores are less than stated, a trainer has to pay for the ticket and the retraining fee himself.
3What if I can not accumulate enough PTR to get sponsorship, how to continue as a trainer?
You do not have to accumulate PTR at all if you can pay for the ticket and tuition fee of 500 for the retraining. If you seek for some discount for the fee, you need to have some PTR scores and updated meditation journal. However, this will be considered case by case by WPI committee as we highly value the level of your self-development to get along perfectly with other trainers. Another option is to pay 199 USD for the online test to extend the certification for one more year and we allow for only 2 times/ years in a row. We highly encourage all the trainers to come for an intensive meditation retreat every year.
4What is 5 acts of self-discipline?

You will learn more about it from the 42-day self-development program. It is a lifestyle of a trainer we require not to do following things.

  1. Do not kill or harm any living beings, big or small, as every being loves his/ her life. They have the right to live and die by themselves. To respect not only human rights but also animal rights.
  2. Do not steal or take any belongings from others.
  3. Do not cheat on other partners. Everyone loves his/ her own partner. Doing so will destroy a good relationship and trust in a family.
  4. Do not lie, gossip, speak harshly or idly. Be careful on your speech as it can hurt badly or heal greatly.
  5. Do not take any intoxicants such as alcohol, cigarettles, marijuana, and more. Something considered as addictive substances that make you unconscious. It is not about coffee, tea, or sweet.

5What the full sponsorship includes?

Full sponsorship is only for the retraining program or the one who is a teacher for at least one year and meets the PTR stated in the agreement. It is not for a new candidate. It includes

  • A round-trip ticket from your country to Thailand for the 14-day retraining program
  • 14-day of accommodation, food, and local transportation
  • One year online empowerment program
  • Lifelong online support in a nonjudgmental and supportive community
  • Access to all materials, manuals, presentations, paperworks, and class video recordings
6What are the means of money transfer available?

We provide 3 means of transfer.

  1. Paypal via
  2. Western Union

    First Name Panutda

    Last Name: Tayokhe

    Address: 199 Moo5, Nong Bua Daeng, Chaiyaphum, Thailand

    Mobile Number: +66992239749

  3. Bank Transfer

    Account Name: World Peace Initiative Foundation

    Account Number: 980-3-61887-3

    Account Address: 46/4 Moo7 Khlongsong Khlongluang Pathumthani 12120

    Bank Name: Krung Thai Bank Public Co.,LTD

    Bank Address: 35 Sukhumvit Road, Bangkok


7What to prepare for the onsite training in Thailand?

  • Conservative white clothing including jackets or sweaters. No shorts, see-through, too wide on the neck, tank-top at the training. This is to show respect to the Buddhist monks, Thai culture, and the place.
  • Alarm clock because you do not have a cellphone.
  • Your own special diet like vitamins or any supplements as well as medicines. The training site locates not that close to the hospital.
  • Yoga mat
  • Thermal Bottle

8Do you have any codes of conduct to follow during the onsite training?

Yes, we keep the 8 codes of conduct during the intensive training which are

  1. Do not kill or harm any living beings.
  2. Do not steal or take any belongings from others.
  3. Do not have love relationship with other participants.
  4. Do not lie, gossip, speak harshly or idly.
  5. Do not take any intoxicants.
  6. Do not eat dinner. Refreshments are served.
  7. Do not listen to the music, play games, watch movies, use perfumes, wear make-up or body decorations.
  8. Live in a simple condition provided.
9What kind of food do you provide during the onsite training?

We try to satisfy all preferences from vegetarian to halal but if you need to avoid anything in particular or allergy to anything, please prepare some dry foods too. We normally serve Thai food as well as toasts, cereals, salad, soup, desserts, fruits and more. You will enjoy our delicious menu.

10Can I use phone or internet during the onsite training in Thailand?

No, it is designed as digital detox weeks. You will not be allowed to use any electrical or digital devices for 2 weeks. For emergencies, we will provide a contact point via email close to the training day. Please make sure you provide correct information of your emergency contact in the application form. We will post pictures regularly in our social media, Facebook or Instagram. Please follow us and ask your contact to follow us to get updated.

11Is it a silent retreat?

No, we request only during meals. Anyway, we highly recommend you to speak less so the cleaning process works faster.

12Can I read a book during the onsite training in Thailand?

We highly recommend you not to input anything as it is time to release and to detoxify the mind. We will be engaged in activities that support your mind empowerment and habit development during these 2 weeks.

13What is the special trip on August 23 as the extra cost?
{ "answer": "We provide a road and a boat trip to visit 2 temples in Bangkok and Nonthaburi province where the Great Master gained enlightenment and had a high-level 24 hrs meditation workshop during World War II. This trip includes Thai cuisine for lunch in the local community by a canal.", "video": [""], "image": [ "", "", "", "" ] }
14Do you have any work or job after completing the training?

You can be invited to teach in our free online session/ course but not limited to the paid ones. It depends on your qualification and experiences so we do not invite everyone.

15If I am not sure I can be a meditation trainer but I would love to attend the 14-day onsite training in Thailand, is it possible?

Yes, it’s possible but you still have to finish the 42-day self-development program, pass the online interview, and pay the fee of 500 USD within the agreed date. Please check the

Cancellation & Refund Policy for non certification program:

  1. If you cancel your participation one month or more before the event, you will be refunded the full amount, however, the transfer fee will be deducted from that same amount.
  2. If you cancel your participation less than 15 days before the event, you will be refunded 50% of the amount, however, the transfer fee will be deducted from that same amount.
  3. If you cancel your participation in less than 10 days time to the event, you will not be refunded.
  4. Payment made for this event is not transferable to any other event.

WPI reserves the right to cancel your participation even after receiving your payment, if it finds you to have provided any false information in your application or interview. In such a case, you will be refunded 50% of your payment amount, after the transfer fee is deducted.

16Can I do this course without knowing meditation at all?

This course has been developed for both experienced meditators and for complete beginners. You will be taught to know everything from zero.

17What if I am a therapist or healer of other traditions, can I apply?

We would like to reserve this training to a trainer who will teach only our technique, Center of the Body or Dhammakaya meditation. Any kind of healing into the technique or that contradicts to it would not be allowed. We believe that meditation is for self-healing and a meditation trainer should not claim to heal anyone with any kind of energy or inner power.

18Is this training is more suitable for Buddhists?

No. This training is designed for everyone who is interested in practicing meditation and self-development. The Buddhist monks are teachers, not represent as religious figures. There is nothing at the training that goes against any religions. We respect all beliefs and faiths.

19Does this include the BetterME Model?

No. If you’re interested in becoming a BetterME Coach (BMC), you have to apply to another program but you can not teach meditation as a BMC. BMC is more about self-development.

20What if I have any questions during the course? Who should be in contact with me?

Elvis Kumar: Project Manager

Email: & Whatsapp no. +81 80 3324 9141

Message from CEO, Ping Ping

Meditation is not a self-hypnosis as it doesn’t work in the same way. Specifically, our meditation technique, the Center of the Body, has a key focal point on stilling the mind to a point where it can rest completely without any thoughts. No contemplation. No reflection. No self-talk. Only refreshing the mind from the deep resting point where the mind has no thought yields maximum benefit to the meditators. Can we really stop ourselves from thinking? Yes, but only with regular practice and correct guidance from the teacher, we can achieve that state of the mind where unparalleled joy is hardly described. If you are amazed by the nature of the mind and would like to know more about it, learning to teach it is the best answer. And this is the training that will focus on two main things; Mind and Habit.

WPI envisions sustainable change happening when each and every one of us works towards their own self-development. Thus, we have created free and accessible tools for the empowerment and wellbeing of individuals worldwide, regardless of age, race, religion, cultural background.

World Peace Initiative Foundation
46/4 Moo 7 Khlong Song
Khlong Luang, Pathum Thani, Thailand

74 Strathcona Gardens, Knaphill, Woking, Surrey
GU21 2AZ, United Kingdom