Inuka Fellowship For African Women

Rwamagana, Rwanda

21 - 25 October 2019

The Inuka Fellowship for African Women 2019 is looking for impactful female leaders like YOU! Are you a passionate change-maker? Are you driven by excellence and an aim to become a better version of yourself daily? Do you have a keen interest in leadership and service? The Inuka Fellowship for African Women 2019 is tailor made for women like you! Give yourself the opportunity to disconnect from the hustle and bustle of life. Reconnect with yourself through a powerful 3 - day self development program that will leave you transformed, strengthened, and refreshed. The program is a retreat like platform created for the rising women of Africa. This unique event will be hosted in Rwanda in a serene location away from the busy motion of life. Through the program, you will get to form bonds with fellow African women; support each other on a deep journey of inner self discovery and master emotional intelligence through the practice of meditation and mindfulness with the individual commitment to sustainable world peace.
The application is not available to apply for at the moment.

Who is it for?

- Empower participants with tools to discover their inner selves and find inner peace through meditation. - Inspire participants to pursue a rewarding road to self-development and self-empowerment that will help them realize their inner strength and achieve their life goals - Inspire artistic expression of individuality, develop self-esteem and maintain focus among the participants. - Create the network of like-minded African women leaders working for peaceful and prosperous region. The network will facilitate learning, promote cultural and human understanding, and knowledge sharing among the participants.


The Inuka Fellowship for African Women 2019 is a robust 3-day training program that is tailor made to transform participants through the practice of meditation and mindfulness. The program fuses the practice of meditation with personal development and a deep focus on building a strong fulfilling mental well-being for individuals. Participants are accorded the opportunity to leave the program with a clear understanding of the relationship between inner peace and sustainable world peace with the starting point of equipping them with the ability to create peace within their lives, families and communities. The fellowship will also maintain a focus on the empowerment of the African Women giving unique attention to the various challenges faced by women in the African continent and also giving powerful tools on how best to tackle them such as: Emotional Intelligence Self-awareness - The power of focus - Stress management - Conflict resolution - Non-violent communication - Habitual Development and Self- Discipline - Developing mental endurance and increased productivity - Buddhist Studies (philosophical approach)
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The training covers

- Accommodation - Catering - Local Transportation within the host country - Partial or Full airfare sponsorship from home country

The training DOES NOT cover

- Visa costs - Personal expenses


- Candidates must be 22- 35 years old at the time of submitting the application to be eligible for sponsorship. - Candidates must have a good proficiency in written and spoken English language - Candidates should be optimistic, open -minded, show leadership potential, and have a genuine interest in peace - Candidates must have submitted their formal application by 14th April 2019 - Candidates must have completed the 21 days of self development program to be eligible for interview. After the interview, candidates will be required to complete the remaining 21 days of Self Development Program to be considered for the fellowship.

Frequently Asked Questions

###1. What is the self-development program? The free online self-development program is a 42-day challenge teaching the skills and techniques involved in the development of inner peace. It provides guided meditation videos and daily reflections to support personal development and the practice of mindfulness. You can start the first episode here. ###2. I am over 35, can I still apply for the fellowship? The fellowship is open to applicants of whom are age 22 – 35 at the time of application submission. If you are over 35 years old, you may still apply but will not receive the airfare sponsorship should you be selected. ###3. I do not live in Africa, can I still apply? Only candidates with African origin and residing in Africa can apply for the fellowship. If you live in Africa and is interested in the Peace Revolution fellowships, you could consider checking out our international fellowships which take place in Thailand and other regional fellowships and camps in your region. You can learn more about Peace Revolution fellowships here: ###4. What is the difference between application deadline and eligibility deadline? The application deadline refers to the last day in which formal applications are to be submitted. Eligibility deadline refers to the date that one needs to have completed the entire 42 days of self-development program in order to be considered for the fellowship. ###5. Am I eligible to apply if I completed the SDP one year ago? The completed Self-development Program needs to be current. You may refer to the self-development validity according to the date specified by the fellowship you are applying to. If one year has elapsed since you completed the self-development program, you will be required to start a fresh. But if you completed the program between six months and one year to the fellowship dates, you will be required to complete another 15 days of program.

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