PIPO Latvia 3: meditation retreat and pipo


PIPO Latvia took place from November 22nd to December 5th gathering 1021 people together interested in learning meditation and mindfulness with Monk John from Thailand. PIPO team travelled to 10 different cities and villages in Latvia (Rīga, Dobele, Talsi, Tukums, Matīši, Lādezers, Sala, Jēkabpils, Liepāja, Kuldīga) offering 18 PIPO sessions about stress management, work-life balance, finding inner peace, discovering the mission in life and other topics. For the 2nd year, Monk John was also invited to give 2 meditation and mindfulness workshops at Digital Freedom Festival that took place in Riga on November 30th and December 1st. There was also a meditation retreat organized at Niedras Lake Resort in Dobele from 23rd to 25th November in cooperation with Make Room Europe. The meditation retreat "Into the East: vacation for your mind" was organized for the second year and gathered 20 people from all over Europe, Pakistan and Uruguay. PIPO Latvia maintained the long-term partnership with Draugiem.lv offering individual conversations with Monk John to their employees.

Organized By:

Agnija Kazuša | Agnija Kazusa, Agita Pleiko | Agnija Kazusa, Ance Kovale | Agnija Kazusa, Edijs Šplīts | Agnija Kazusa, Eugene Cernuha, Ilga Gribute, Miks Celmiņš | Agnija Kazuša, Ieva Kaltniece | Agnija Kazusa, Ieva Priede | Agnija Kazuša, Ilmārs Latkovskis | Agnija Kazuša, Inta Balode | Agnija Kazusa, Izabella Dzerina | Agnija Kazusa, Kristīne Kārkliņa | Agnija Kazuša, Laima Ermane | Dobele Regional Museum | Elīna Kušiņičeva | Inta Balode | Inta Balode, Rudīte Ādamsone | Jānis Palkavnieks | Kate Mazāne | Liene Grenevica | Mārtiņš Mamis, Kārlis Strautiņš (principal) | Miks Celmiņš |


Date Workshops Title Venue City
23-11-18 Into the East: vacation for your mind Niedras Lake Resort Biksti, Dobele
25-11-18 Public meditation session Dobele Regional Museum Dobele
26-11-18 How to be mindful in dancing? Dance studio "Ritms" Riga
26-11-18 Stress Less, Mind More K.K. Fon Stricka villa Riga
27-11-18 How to manage your responsibilities and enjoy life? Ligzda Tukums
27-11-18 Meditation for finding peace from within Talsi Regional Museum Talsi
28-11-18 How to detox your mind? Gaismas Telpa @ Draugiem Group Riga
28-11-18 Turn negative emotions into positive thinking Latvian National Library/ Meditation room Riga
29-11-18 Meditation for beginners Jēkabpils NGO Resource Centre, Day Centre "Kopā būt" Jēkabpils
29-11-18 How to detox your mind and reconnect with the true self? Sala Cultural Centre Sala
30-11-18 DFF: Mindfulness and Meditation Digital Freedom Festival/ Lifestyle Lounge Riga
01-12-18 Mindfulness practice Digital Freedom Festival/ Lifestyle Lounge Riga
01-12-18 The Art of Stillness Zikurāts Riga
01-12-18 The Power of Karma: do your actions matter? The Academic Centre of University of Latvia Riga
02-12-18 Finding Happiness Through Inner Peace Lādezers Primary School Lādezers
02-12-18 Getting to know your intuition Matīši Primary School Matīši
03-12-18 Breathing technique for calming the mind Liepāja Raiņa 6. Secondary school Liepāja
03-12-18 How to discover your mission in life? Interesantu Cilvēku Klubs Liepāja
04-12-18 How to balance your life and not to burn out? Kuldīga Youth House Kuldīga
05-12-18 How to manage your responsibilities and enjoy life? BITE Riga
05-12-18 Breathing technique for athletes Dobele Sports Centre Shooting Range Dobele
28-11-18 Meditation Clinics with Draugiem Draugiem Group/ Gaismas Telpa Riga

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